Where to Eat in Port Elizabeth – Salads and Light Meals to Put a Spring in Your Step

Where to Eat in Port Elizabeth – Salads and Light Meals to Put a Spring in Your Step

Are you wondering where to eat in Port Elizabeth that will offer you a variety of gorgeous salads and light meals to put a spring in your step?

At Bocadillos, our team of foodies and chefs have developed a menu that ensures taste and wholesomeness are equally important.

where to eat in port elizabeth


Where to Eat in Port Elizabeth this Spring

As the weather warms up, we start getting ready for longer days and short summer nights. The perfect spring-time accomplice is healthy food which not only fills us up and sustains us, but also puts that much-needed spring in our step.

Gone are the days of warm comfort food and hibernation as we move on to fresh salads and light meals made to energise and revitalise.

Bocadillos Restaurants in Walmer Port Elizabeth

We have 2 restaurants in Walmer which offer many of the same menu options, with a slight variation here and there.

At Bocadillos on 1st, you can enjoy a beautiful ambience, lots of natural light and menu options to suit every taste bud or preference.

Light Meals Perfect for Spring


Out with the oats and in with the fresh muesli, seasonal fruit served with double cream yoghurt. Enjoy this option in the traditional way or as a gorgeous parfait.

We know that for most people, spring time and summer time means activity time and the perfect way to fuel our bodies for the day ahead is to pump it with protein.

Fill up on our amazing 3 egg omelettes with a variety of options to choose from for your filling. Yes, this is warm and filling, but it’ll keep you going until you’re ready to unwind with a light lunch or salad.

Light Lunch & Salads

If you’re looking for a light lunch with added freshness, then our quiche of the day will be the perfect choice.

Served with a lovely, fresh side salad, the quiche varies from day to day, so don’t be shy, as you waiter for available options.

For our salads, we have gone out of our way to provide options that go above and beyond the average salad, while still catering for the diner who loves a good old Ceasar or Greek salad.

However, for those who like to try something a little different, we have an amazing smoked salmon salad served with basil, rocker, capers and croutons.

We love oriental food so we have added to our salads a gorgeous Thai salad which contains fresh greens, sesame seeds, bean shoots, coriander and a spicy Asian dressing.

Bocadillos Restaurants in PE – Where to Eat in Port Elizabeth

These are only a few of our amazing options for the perfect spring time meal. For more information about our menu, or to make a reservation, please contact us.