Bocadillos Restaurants in PE – Bagels and Waffles at Bocadillos on Moffet

Bocadillos Restaurants in PE – Bagels and Waffles at Bocadillos on Moffet

Bocadillos restaurants in PE strive to offer a wide variety of menu options across our three restaurants.

This means that each restaurant has something exciting and unique to offer, over and above the standard menu which is mostly the same at all three restaurants.

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Bagel Restaurants in PE

Although our Bocadillos on Moffet doesn’t specialise only in bagels, it does offer some delicious options.

We know that it takes a special person with a well acquired palette to have a deeply rooted love for bagels.

So, we have poured our very own love for bagels (and food in general) into designing a bagel menu that will keep you coming back.

For the perfect start to your day, try our breakfast bagel with streaky bacon, cream cheese, roasted rosa tomatoes and a fried egg.

Another morning favourite is the well-loved, traditional smoked trout and cream cheese with avocado and slow roasted tomatoes.

Try our BAT bagel for that perfect bacon, avo and tomato combo or the Reuben which comes with pastrami, Swiss cheese, homemade coleslaw and a gorgeous Russian dressing.

For the veggie lovers, we have the perfect grilled seasonal vegetable bagel for you, served with a generous dollop of decadent hummus.

All our bagels are served fresh and come with a crispy house side salad, making it the perfect breakfast, brunch or lunch option.

Waffles Near Me – Family Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

These aren’t just your ordinary waffles. There is something truly special about these ones, maybe because they are made using a recipe that has been passed down by four generations!

Made with love and respect for the original recipe developer, these waffles are the perfect choice for adults with a sweet tooth or for kiddies who are due for a Saturday morning treat.

An age-old recipe combined with a modern twist, you can add marshmallows, chocolate chunks and tennis biscuits or choc chips, chocolate sauce and ice cream.

Otherwise, in the spirit of tradition, you have the choice of sticking to strawberries and cream, syrup and cream or simply two scoops of decadent artisan ice cream.

Bocadillos Restaurants in PE

We are constantly striving to be one of the best restaurants in PE. Our goal is to offer great service, quality food and exciting menu options.

For more information about our three restaurants, or to make a reservation, please contact us or book directly online.