Making lunch or dinner plans? We’ve got some new dishes for you to try

Making lunch or dinner plans? We’ve got some new dishes for you to try

At Bocadillos we like to keep things fresh. We’re not only talking about our ingredients but also about our menu.

Recently, we’ve added some new dishes that undoubtedly make us one of the most enticing places to eat in Port Elizabeth.

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Where to eat in Port Elizabeth

If you’re looking for somewhere to take your date to for a delectable dinner, then you have found it. Bocadillos have something to choose for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.

When you come to Bocadillos you can expect only the best.

For your fresh morning breakfast, you can choose sweet or savoury. There are options for the slightly hungry vegan or the famished carnivore. Whether you are health conscious or simply aiming to tame your hunger, we have a dish for you.

Our lunch menu provides you with array of choices. From pulled pork sandwiches to chicken, brie and camembert wraps to a stir fry of your choice – we can assure you that we have something tasty and wholesome to bust that midday hunger.

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Our dinner menu is our pride and joy. Come hungry and expect to have your taste buds blown away.

Our starters alone are enough to excite you.

To name a few we have stuffed mushrooms, baked Patagonian calamari, grilled Halloumi cheese served with sundried tomatoes, Springbok carpaccio served with a balsamic reduction and Portuguese style peri-peri chicken livers served with toasted ciabatta.

For the grazers we have an array of gourmet salads which are anything but boring. Think taste fusions from different parts of the world and expect an abundant serving of only the freshest ingredients.

We have a Thai inspired salad served with our secret Thai dressing, a light curried chicken salad served with mango and cashew nuts, the traditional Greek and Caesar, a roasted vegetable salad served with toasted almonds and couscous (add chicken or beef as an optional extra) and our delectable smoked salmon salad with capers and croutons.

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Juicy Burgers – From the Grill

For the very hungry we have an exceptional burger and “from the grill” menu.

Our burger menu offers you beef, chicken, lamb, fillet steak, pork, carb free or vegetarian. Each comes with a unique combination of ingredients and flavours making them far from just your average joe’s burger.

If you are aiming for something as close to a home cooked meal as you will get at a restaurant in PE, then take a look at our “from the grill” menu section.

Choose between your preferred cut of beef – cooked to your preference, your favourite side and of course a homemade sauce to compliment your meal. As an optional extra, there are various delicious toppings to choose from to make your meal extra unique and delightful.

Apart from building your own meal there are set meal options available too. These options include slow roasted oxtail, lamb rack and pork belly all served with our decadent creamy mash and roasted vegetables.

Our Seafood Selection

For the seafood lovers, we have many delightful options to choose from and we pride ourselves in only using fresh sustainably caught fish. We have the traditional battered hake and chips, a seafood platter, grilled salmon steak served with creamy mash and grilled Patagonian calamari done Cajun style or plain.

Pizzas and Pastas

Our pasta menu will leave you wanting more. To name a few we have an exotic mushroom pasta, chilli prawn pasta, the traditional napoletana, ravioli and even butternut and bacon. For the carb conscious, choose zucchini noodles as an alternative.

Whether you like to share them or devour one single-handed, our pizzas are always an excellent choice. Whether you choose a classic like the margarita with extra toppings, the Italian with Bolognese mince, the vegetarian or the roasted chicken, you will not be disappointed.

Not to mention our gourmet pizza menu with taste combinations that will excite your taste buds. We are talking butter chicken, exotic mushroom, smoked salmon and capers, lamb with caramelised onions and the self-explanatory “Miss Piggy”. These pizzas are anything but boring.

Bocadillos Desserts

Finally, for those with an insatiable sweet tooth, we have a generous dessert menu. Offering you hand-made gourmet ice cream or a choice of home-made cakes and pastries. Furthermore, choose from one of our fine liqueurs to top your evening of fine dining off.

Bocadillos Restaurants PE

Apart from being one of the best restaurants in Port Elizabeth when it comes to menu options, we also provide a romantic, warm atmosphere for you to enjoy your meal as well as well-trained waitrons to ensure excellent service.

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