Valentine’s Day Cake for a special day with your significant other

Valentine’s Day Cake for a special day with your significant other

The Bocadillos restaurants in Port Elizabeth would like to wish all our diners a happy Valentine’s Day.

This is a day dedicated to spreading the love far and wide. Whether you want to send an anonymous bunch of red roses to the girl you have been admiring for ages or simply spend it cuddling your other half, Valentine’s day gives you the opportunity to do it all.

Although at Bocadillos we believe that you we should take every opportunity to show our loved ones that we care, we also understand how a romantic gesture on Valentine’s day can make your other half feel extra special.

Happy Valentine's Day - Bakery Port Elizabeth

Freshly baked Valentine’s day cakes

Everyone loves a sweet treat and what better way to say “Happy Valentine’s Day” with a freshly baked cake?

We are known for our decadent baked treats including cakes and tarts and we have something to suite everyone’s taste buds.

For those of you who love tarts the most, we have the traditional milk tart, salted tarts, mixed nut tarts as well as lemon tarts for those who prefer something with a little more zest.

Our fruity alternatives include strawberry crème patisserie pastry, apple crumble, lemon meringue or homemade pavlova with freshly cut fruit and a generous drizzle of Nutella.

Now, all you have to do is imagine sharing a romantic dinner, followed by a decadent dessert between you and your special person.

So, take your pick and order your favourite cake or tart from our artisan bakery to spoil your valentine (and yourself) for Valentine’s day.

Bocadillos Restaurants in Port Elizabeth – Valentine’s day Cakes

Let us help you say the sweetest “Happy Valentine’s Day” with one of our freshly baked artisan cakes. Contact us and place your order today.