Bocadillos Restaurants in PE – We Have Something for Everybody

Bocadillos Restaurants in PE – We Have Something for Everybody

With three Bocadillos restaurants in PE, you can find us conveniently situated and within reach, no matter where you are.

When it comes to choosing between all the amazing places to eat in Port Elizabeth, finding ones that are not only unique, but have something to offer everyone may not be that easy.

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However, when visiting Bocadillos restaurants in PE, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that there is a variety of options that will suite every taste bud.

Breakfast with Bocadillos

Our standard menu which offers incredible options right from breakfast through to dessert regardless of whether you are super hungry, slightly snack-ish or super carb conscious.

Our breakfast menu offers everything from a toasted croissant hollandaise with streaky bacon to gourmet French toast to a breakfast pizza or your traditional breakfast rolled tightly into a wrap.

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Lunch with Bocadillos

Our lunch menu’s main act is the toasted sandwich, but never fear because we have taken everything you know about toasted sandwiches and transformed it into what toasted dreams are made of.

All sandwiches served with a house salad as a side and your choice of rye, whole wheat, ciabatta, banting bread or you can take your sandwich of choice and turn it into a wrap instead.

Dinner with Bocadillos

When it comes to dinner, we really aren’t sure where to start or where to end. From delicious starters to only the freshest seafood, pizzas, pastas, salads and burgers, it’s hard to focus our attention in one place.

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Not to mention the “from the grill” section which allows you the freedom to choose your preferred cut of meat accompanied by your favourite side. You also have the choice of adding a sauce and additional toppings for extra indulgence.

Our desserts include a selection of hand-made ice creams, freshly baked cakes and pastries or for those who enjoy a night cap, a generous selection of liqueurs and aperitifs are available.

Bocadillos Restaurants in PE

All our branches offer very much the same menu options with a few slight differences.

Our Walmer branch on 1st Avenue gives you the option of visiting The Yellow Door for an otherworldly craft gin experience along with some amazing tapas.

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Our Bakery & Restaurant on 1st Avenue pays a little more attention to baked goods including a lovely selection of Focaccias. They also include tapas on their menu along with a huge selection of desserts and pastries to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Our Bocadillos on Moffet has a sneaky menu section dedicated to bagels and waffles which you won’t find at our other branches.

So, regardless of what your taste buds are telling you to do, Bocadillos has something for everybody. To make your booking at one of our branches, please don’t hesitate to contact us.