The Bocadillos Restaurants in PE will help you celebrate your loved ones

The Bocadillos Restaurants in PE will help you celebrate your loved ones

As we come to the end of August, we’d like to take this opportunity to once again celebrate the women in our lives and the light that they bring to our world.

We believe that we shouldn’t wait for a specific day or month to give us reason to show the people in our lives that we care.

Celebrate with Bocadillos Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

As a nation, we must honour not only great women in history, but also the women in our lives today.

Whether it be your mother, aunty, grandmother, little sister, cousin, wife or best friend, take some time to do something that makes the women in your life feel valued and appreciated.

Everybody likes to be taken somewhere nice for a meal, where they can order anything they want, even if it’s cake and hot chocolate for breakfast.

Bocadillos restaurants have an incredible menu that was designed and constructed with care, to ensure that every meal is a treat; breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and everything in between.

Our bakery offers only the finest artisan baked goodies from focaccias to sweet pastry treats, everything is made by hand in our very own kitchen for guaranteed freshness.

Every lady loves a good gin and tonic and The Yellow Door, found right next to Bocadillos on 1st, offers an impressive selection of local and international craft gins. Pair this with one of our amazing share boards or generous selection of tapas and you have yourself a winning date night experience.

Bocadillos Restaurants PE – Celebrating women

Join Bocadillos Restaurants in celebrating women and bring along the special lady in your life so we can help you make her feel the love.

To make a booking or to find out more about our unique menus and baked treats, please contact us.