Winter Warmth with our Hearty Bocadillos Menu Options

Winter Warmth with our Hearty Bocadillos Menu Options

The Bocadillos menu has everything you need to warm your belly on a cold winter’s day. Whether you are visiting us for breakfast, lunch or a well-deserved dinner, you definitely won’t be disappointed with the choices we have to offer you.

It’s safe to say that Bocadillos restaurants in Port Elizabeth pay special attention to designing a unique menu with a dash of world-wide tradition.

But most importantly is flavour and nutrition. We try our best to keep things interesting with different combinations of textures and tastes while making sure you get your daily dose of goodness in every meal with us.

Bocadillos Menu for Winter Warmth – Breakfast


A tried and trusted South African favourite is a good owl bowl of oats. We cook ours slowly with full cream milk.

Choose between caramelized banana, cinnamon and sweet dukkah (a combination of spices and nuts) or fresh apple slices, toasted coconut shavings and honey.

As you can see, our bowl of oats goes beyond the typical brown sugar and butter.


Our omelettes are the perfect way to start your day, packing a solid protein punch with 3 eggs, filled with your choice of toppings and served with freshly baked and toasted Ciabatta.

We have 4 exciting choices for toppings, ranging from herbs and tomato relish to chicken livers, tomato & onion in a peri-peri crème and avocado.
Bocadillos menu breakfasts in Port Elizabeth

Gourmet French Toast

Another favourite meal enjoyed by many South Africans at the breakfast table. Not only is French toast warm and comforting, it’s more exciting than just normal toast.

What makes our French toast even more special? We don’t use normal bread, we use brioche.

Our brioche is homemade and we serve you 2 slices soaked in free range egg custard before they are lightly grilled and served with your choice of topping.

Bacon and maple syrup, Bolognese with cheddar, fried banana and honey or caramel sauce and fresh cream for those who like dessert for breakfast.

Lunches with Bocadillos Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Apart from our quiche of the day and stir-fry, we have a wide variety of toasted sandwiches to choose from.

Here are some of our favourite winter warmers:

Chicken Prego

Done Portuguese style, our chicken Prego roll comes with a chargrilled chicken breast and is served with peri-peri sauce and coleslaw on the side.

The Ultimate Grilled Cheese

Mozzarella, cheddar and cream cheese with a tomato concasse, our grilled cheese is above and beyond average. To make things even better, we grill this sandwich with grated parmesan for extra crispiness.

The Club

This one is for the hungry diner who wants to leave with a warm, full and satisfied belly. It comes with a fried egg, bacon, a grilled chicken breast, Emmental cheese, tomato, caramelised onion, rocket and lemon wholegrain mustard aioli.

You can choose to have this sandwich standard or toasted – whichever you prefer.

Bocadillos menu options - restaurants in Port Elizabeth

Bocadillos Menu for Winter Warmth – Dinner

Our dinner menu is not lacking in any way, and have the following options available to warm your belly and your heart this winter:


Whether you are really hungry and have come for a two-course meal, or someone who prefers a smaller portion as a main meal, our starters are generous in portion size.

Soup of the day

There really is nothing like a bowl of soup on a cold winter’s night to give you a hug from the inside. Our soup varies from day to day and we guarantee that you will not be bored with what’s on offer.

Stuffed Mushroom

We take a large brown mushroom and bake it to perfection before filling it with a selection of nuts and seeds.

This is a delicious way to start the evening, not too filling yet extremely satisfying. For an extra bit of flavour, add an optional slice of sriracha baked feta.

Main Meals


Who doesn’t enjoy pasta? Especially in winter, when all we want is a generous serving of comfort, pasta is the go-to for many of us.

For the carb conscious, we have zucchini noodles as an option instead of the traditional penne or linguine.

Choose between butternut Ravioli with creamy white wine sauce and parmesan shavings, or the old faithful Napoletana served with basil and parmesan shavings.

Bocadillos Menu Options Restaurants Port Elizabeth

Otherwise, our exotic mushroom pasta offers you carefully selected exotic mushrooms grilled with truffle oil, onions and herbs and topped off with parmesan shavings.

Our chilli prawn pasta is definitely one of our favourites. Shelled prawns, olives, basil pesto served with a light tomato and chilli sauce, topped with parmesan shavings and fresh rocket. Turn this dish into a creamy deluxe by adding the optional cream.

Bocadillos Restaurants in Port Elizabeth

These are only a few of the amazing options to choose from the Bocadillos menu. So, if you’re looking for places to eat in PE that offers a warm atmosphere to accompany delicious food, then Bocadillos is where you want to be.

For more information about our menu options, or to make your booking at one of our branches, please feel free to contact us.