Bocadillos Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Bocadillos Restaurants & Coffee Shops

Bocadillos Restaurants & Coffee Shops Port Elizabeth

Our Bocadillos Bakeries and Restaurants in Port Elizabeth stock two kinds of coffee, our very own premium Arabica Blend and the legendary Black Insomnia.

Bocadillos Coffee Shop Port Elizabeth

Black Insomnia

For those of you looking for the ultimate caffeine fix, Black Insomnia packs a whopping 700mg of caffeine in an average cup. This amazing blend of coffee has been tested by independent laboratories and is confirmed to be the world’s strongest coffee. That’s 6.3% stronger that the previous world record holder.

While sporting enormous levels of caffeine, Black Insomnia manages to maintain a sweet and nutty flavour profile without bitterness or acidity. The coffee is made in South Africa and is produced naturally without any additives.

Coffee Port Elizabeth

Bocadillos is one of less than 10 coffee shops in South Africa that stock Black Insomnia and is the only coffee shop to do so in the Eastern Cape. Don’t miss out on this coffee experience and try out the new benchmark for coffee Port Elizabeth.

Coffee Shops in Walmer, Port Elizabeth

For those of us who are more faint-of-heart, Bocadillos also stocks a premium Arabica house blend. This well-rounded coffee hits the sweet spot without setting off an anxiety attack, so if you are looking for coffee shops in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, try out one of our world class coffees to start your day.

Each of our baristas are trained by Ciro Coffee Academy. And are sent on refresher courses every year so you can expect consistent, excellent coffee, with every visit.

While you’re enjoying your coffee, you can sit down and treat yourself to something from our renowned Artisan Bakery.

You can find our bakeries and coffee shops in Port Elizabeth in 1st and 6th avenue Walmer.

For more information about out bakeries or to make a reservation at our coffee shop, please contact us.